Tunisair Technics


Tunisair Technics Workshop

Our state-of-the-art workshops are fully prepared to test, repair, overhaul or modify all components in our care. The work scopes include all CMM repairs as well as material repaired on a DER or DOA basis.


Our Programme
Having started out with classic avionics components covering navigation, instruments, and communication, our avionics centre of excellence not only meets current requirements, but also the challenges of the electronics revolution. Component Services' avionics services cover the following ATA chapters:

  • 22 Auto Flight
  • 23 Communication
  • 31 Instruments
  • 34 Navigation
  • 45 Onboard Maintenance System
  • 46 Information System


  • Components from analogue systems to the latest flight management guidance equipment, gyros, indicators, and cockpit panels
  • Latest test equipment technology, such as ATEC 6.

Electrical Systems

Our Programme

Lighting systems illuminate everything outside and inside the aircraft - from cargo compartments to landing lights and the pilots' instrument panel - and ensure safe operations during night flights. Our services cover the following ATA chapters:

  • 24 Electrical Power
  • 33 Lights


  • Motivated and knowledgeable employees Dedicated test systems for ovens/oven controllers, valve actuators, and coffee makers Harness tester and fire detector test equipment for PW4000


Emergency & Cabin Equipment

Our Programme
Maintenance is not just about aircraft systems, structures, or high cost items. What happens inside the airframe is also vital, because this is your calling card for your customers. We offer services covering:

  • 25 Equipment / Furnishing
  • 26 Fire Protection
  • 35 Oxygen

  • Oxygen and hydrostatic test equipment, as well as fill stations
  • New oven installed for slide maintenance
  • Years of maintenance experience and a well-trained and highly motivated workforce


Flight Control Systems

Our Programme
Due to the importance of the cross-functional flight control system, SR Technics offers its own dedicated maintenance programme. Our customers benefit from our expertise across all the technologies involved, including auto flight, avionics, and hydraulic systems. Our services cover the following ATA chapter:
  • 27 Flight Controls


  • Precision approach to all work, with service personnel who understand and appreciate our customers' concerns and priorities


Hydraulic Systems

Our Programme
Our aim is to bring the high costs of these systems under control. ATA chapter:

  • 29 Hydraulic Systems


Wheels & Brakes

Our Programme
At Tunisair Technics we maintain your most valuable components to ensure the safety of every aircraft take-off and touch-down. Tunisair Technics has local capabilities for the following wheel and brake types:

Airbus A320 FamilyBoeing 737 CL and 737 NGBombardier CL600ATR

  • Workshops in Tunis Carthage
  • Eddy current crack test bench, NDT test equipment, balancing equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and brake test equipment