Field AOG Recovery

AOG Recovery

Take off Tunisair Technics rapid support in case of AOG and using our ad-hoc services to shorten or avoid unscheduled aircraft downtime, upon tunisair request we have formed a team and sent it to any destination within hours.

Damage & Repair Assessment

Damage and repair assessment is always necessary after an aircraft accident or incident, or if caused by a foreign object. Whatever the reason for the damage, we offer services to perform the required assessment. Tunisair Technics Engineering has the know-how and capabilities to make recommendations and to plan appropriate repair actions in close contact with - and the approval of – the manufacturer. Since repair solutions are sometimes tailor–made, Tunisair Technics is particularly proud of its employees' high levels of skill and expertise in these cases.

Flight Control Replacements

If a primary or secondary flight control needs to be replaced for any reason, Tunisair Technics will provide you with a highly skilled and experienced field team to perform the replacement. Further advantages are our excellent support functions including shop capabilities, material availability and logistics.

On Site Support

At Tunisair request we have moved it skilled technicians and/or appropriate engineering support at site.