Training Services

Theoretical & Practical

  • EASA Type Trainings : assured by TT/MTD Suppliers ( Airbus, Sabena, Icare)
  • National Type Trainings : internally provided by TT/MTD

Qualifications Refresh:

  • QT Refresh Family A319/A320 Engine CFM56-5 (*)
  • QT Refresh Boeing 737 NG Engine CFM56-7 (*)
  • QT Refresh Bombardier CL600 CRJ 900 Engine CFM34 (*)
  • QT Refresh ATR42/72-500 Engine PW120 (*)

Specific Trainings in-house or outsourced (Airbus, Sabena, Icare, Lufthansa)

  • Structure and Welding (Airbus & Boeing) (*)
  • Run up (A319/A320 Engine CFM56-5, Boeing 737 NG Engine CFM56-7, Bombardier CL600 CRJ 900 Engine CFM34, ATR42/72-500 Engine PW120) (*)
  • Boroscopy (*)
  • Aircraft weighing
(*) : in accordance with the TT MRO procedures

Regulatory Trainings Recommended by EASA / Tunisian Authorities ( Initial & Continuing ) :

  • Legislation
  • Regulations
  • Human Factors
  • EWIS
  • SMS

Various courses to enhance TT staff competences:

  • Technical Documentation
  • English For Aircraft Maintenance
  • Computer Science courses
  • MIS (Maintenance Inf . System / AMASIS
  • Train- The Trainer

Facilities / Projects

Logistics :

  • Tunisair Training Center to provide Theoretical Type Trainings
  • Site in base (Aircraft Hangar) ; Simulator and line maintenance Site to ensure Practical Type Trainings
Projects :

  • Implementation of TT " ACT Suite Classroom " at Airbus standard
  • From July 2015, TT/MTD can provide trainings at Airbus standard by TT instructors using TT ACT Suite Classroom , TT /MRO facilities and availability of TAR Aircraft for the QT practical part ;Therefore issuing Airbus Certificates as required by Part- 147 .

Partnership Project between Airbus Training and Tunisair Technics

Tunisair has signed a Letter Of Intent with Airbus to announce the partnership Project between Airbus Training and Tunisair Technics in Aircraft Maintenance Training. A Training Center in Tunis ( The first in Africa) at Airbus standard called MTS / 3 (Maintenance Solution Training Level 3) will be the output.