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Tunisair Technics performs base maintenance services in accordance with Tunisair requirements.

Our saphisticated work-flow planning and highly skilled workforce ensure that routine and non-routine maintenanace, as well as additional work, is carried out within the shortest possible time-aways to the highest standards. This minimises the while ensuring excellent reliability time.

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A-Check / Minor Check

This may consist of letter checks and out-of-phase tasks, deferred items and smaller modifications, as well as any additional requirements.

Thanks to Tunisair Technics flexibility, our dedicated logistics departments and our focus on solutions, all routine work, non-routine work and additional requests are carried out in the shortest possible time.

The benefit from our ability and willingness to incorporate special requests into minor checks while keeping ground time to a minimum - thanks to our excellent shop capabilities, material availability, trouble-shooting, and engine and component shops. Even if we uncover an unexpected problem, we find the solution extremely fast.

C-Check / Major Check

Tunisair Technics performs C-Checks / Major Checks in Base with your individual requirements. This may consist of letter checks and out-of-phase tasks, deferred items and modifications, as well as additional requirements such as partly painting or cabin cosmetic work.

Tunisair Technics assesses the work package and combines the required tasks using optimised workflows to ensure the shortest possible ground time. Our experienced and highly skilled workforce carries out the work, while you are kept fully up-to-date on progress. In the case of non-routine occurrences, our in-house engineering capabilities allow us to offer fast and effective solutions.

Further advantages are our excellent shop capabilities, material availability and logistics, as well as engine and component shops.

Sampling Program

Tunisair Technics performs sampling checks in accordance with your maintenance program. The benefit from our extensive experience of non-destructive testing, and our in-house engineering support us in case of a finding. The excellent skills of our sheet metal department ensure that any findings are rectified within record time.

CPCP Program

The Corrosion Prevention and Control Program is part of the maintenance program.

CPCP tasks are mainly structural inspections and often require extensive work to allow access to the inspection area. The area is cleaned and inspected - if required with non-destructive inspection. If necessary, any corrosion or damage is repaired. Prior to close access, the area is treated with corrosion protection compounds.

Tunisair Technics performs corrosion prevention and control, and has many years of experience in carrying out such inspections and repairs.