Single Engineering Services

Ad-hoc Engineering Services

Tunisair Technics Engineering and trouble shooting can call on exceptional experience, profound knowledge, and long-term relationships with aircraft manufacturers. Based on this, we are fully able to support you with the high-level skills and expertise required to meet your ad-hoc engineering service needs.

Damage Assessment

Damage assessment becomes necessary after an aircraft accident or incident, or due to a foreign object. Whatever caused the damage, Tunsair Technics offers services to perform the required assessment.

Tunisair Technics Engineering has the know-how and abilities to make recommendations and to plan appropriate repair actions in close contact with - and with the approval of - the aircraft manufacturer.

Defect Investigation & Analysis

Defect investigation and analysis becomes necessary after an aircraft incident or the repetitive occurrence of a failure.

Take advantage of Tunisair Technics exceptional experience, built up since 1948. Our support will help you avoid annoying recurring failures.

Tunisair Technics' trouble shooting department has the knowledge and capabilities to make remote recommendations to your line maintenance engineers.