• Exterior Painting

    exterior painting in parallel with
    a maintenance check

  • Exterior Painting

    exterior painting in parallel with
    a maintenance check


Aditional Services

Aircraft Cleaning

The appearance of your aircraft is your airline's visiting card. Passengers will make a link between an aircraft's appearance and its reliability and safety. This is why we offer customized interior and exterior cleaning based on your individual requirements.

Aircraft interior cleaning

TUNISAIR TECHNICS performs individual dry or wet cleaning in the cabin, carried out as part of the complete maintenance service. In addition, we have in-house capabilities to wash, maintain or make textile seat covers; to freshen up and maintain leather seat covers; or to wash and maintain seatbelts, seat pockets, etc.

Aircraft exterior cleaning

In addition to the technical cleaning required to perform quality maintenance, we can wash the total aircraft surface or a part of it. After washing landing gear, we reapply corrosion prevention materials and lubrication.

Cabine Maintenance

To cope with the workload created by high quality cabin refurbishment during a short ground time, Tunisair Technics offers you its efficient and productive workshop capabilities, supported by state-of-the-art equipment.

The extent and quality standard of cabin maintenance is defined together with you and laid down in a detailed cabin condition report. This provides you with full transparency regarding the services provided.

Exterior Painting

Tunisair Technics will carry out aircraft exterior painting in parallel with a maintenance check. This is made possible by our sophisticated workflow planning, giving you the benefit of shorter ground times for your aircraft.

We offer full painting or partial painting, and can apply sanding or stripping procedures subject to your requirements. We also repair cracked composite parts, and have the expertise to achieve the required finish.

Cabin reconfiguration & brush up

Successful cabin reconfiguration requires appropriate planning and preparation well in advance. TUNISAIR TECHNICS Engineering has the knowledge and experience to initiate such projects prior to availability of the final Service Bulletin.
Thanks to this engineering and planning expertise combined with a highly skilled workforce and efficient and productive workshop capabilities, TUNISAIR TECHNICS can offer you short ground times and a high quality product to meet your most demanding requirements.


Tunisair Technicswill perform modifications during letter check ground times or stand alone ground times. If modifications are carried out during a letter check ground time, you benefit from synergies created by having access, and from shorter ground times for the entire work program.
If an Airworthiness Directive or a finding from a Service Bulletin inspection requires immediate action, Tunisair Technics also offers modifications at short notice.
When it comes to difficult modifications, the skill of the engineers working on the aircraft is particularly important. You can rely on the tremendous experience and know-how of our modification team.

Engine Change

Tunisair Technics will change engines on most western-type aircraft. Thanks to our expertise and the availability of specific tooling, we consider engine change to be a routine task.
Subject to the availability of a minimal infrastructure, Tunisair Technics also offers engine change on a field assistance basis.

Landing gear Change

TUNISAIR TECHNICS will change landing gear on most western-type aircraft. Thanks to our expertise and the availability of specific tooling, we consider landing gear change to be a routine task.
Subject to the availability of a minimal infrastructure, TUNISAIR TECHNICS also offers landing gear change on a field assistance basis.

Structure Repair

Structure repair may be necessary on a stand alone ground time basis after an aircraft incident, or because it must be performed by an Airworthiness Directive due date and cannot wait until the next major maintenance event. No matter how the structure was damaged, TUNISAIR TECHNICS offers services to repair the damage.
TUNISAIR TECHNICS Engineering has the know-how and capabilities to make recommendations and to plan appropriate repair actions in close contact with - and with the approval of - the aircraft manufacturer. Every repair solution is tailor-made, and proof of TUNISAIR TECHNICS ' skills and expertise.

Field assistance

At your request, and subject to availability, we will form a team and send it to any destination you require within hours.
Every team consists of specialists who are dedicated to making possible the impossible, and to solving your problem or AOG situation in the most efficient and effective manner.

Aircraft recovery

At your request, TUNISAIR TECHNICS will form a team and send it to wherever your aircraft is grounded.
Our skilled workmanship and engineering support will recover the aircraft either by performing a final repair on site, or by enabling the aircraft to be ferried to your own or TUNISAIR TECHNICS ' home base for final repair

Aircraft Weighing

Tunisair Technics provides aircraft weighing for all known aircraft types.

Aircraft Parking

Tunisair Technics offers aircraft parking at Tunis Carthage Airport, with appropriate maintenance for conservation, maintaining during short- or long-term parking and return to service.


On request, we will investigate the possibility of fulfilling your most demanding requests by using our extensive experience with aircraft, engine and component maintenance services, as well our on-site support shops (e.g. cabinetmaker's workshop, garage, etc.).

Non-destructive testing

As part of its comprehensive services portfolio, Tunisair Technics runs its own Non-destructive Testing Center offering high-quality, non-destructive (NDT) services to airlines, MROs and other industrial customers. We can provide all types of NDT inspection and our equipment is also available for rent.

  • Infrared testing
  • Magnetic particules testing
  • Radiology testingPenetrant testing
  • Utrasonic testing
  • Eddy curent testing