Integrated Airline Solutions

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How IAS works to serve you

Integrated Airline Solutions (IAS) is the spearhead of our solutions model. Through IAS we provide airlines with efficient and cost-effective high-performance technical solutions for their Airbus and Boeing fleets.

IAS combines services including aircraft maintenance, engines and components; logistics; pooling; training; troubleshooting; engineering and all other associated technical activities, into one simple solution.

The scope of services included in IAS depends entirely on your needs. It can range from Fleet Technical Management to full-scale airline support, including our Integrated Component Solutions (ICS), Integrated Engine Solutions (IES), in addition to our aircraft services, technical training and other complementary services.


Why should you choose us as your solutions provider?

In addition to our safety awareness, commitment to best value, and success as a highly reliable partner, we also:

  • boost your revenue potential while optimising your operating costs through our joint Fleet Technical Management activities
  • act as your 100% partner – with our independent status
Our satisfaction comes from knowing that your aircraft have departed on time.