Integrated Component Services

  • ATEC® Series 6

    Latest test equipment technology.


To lower your costs, generate cash and reduce risk

Our Integrated Component Services (ICS) meet this need by combining customer-friendly service with smart, integrated solutions designed to lower costs, generate cash and reduce risk for you.

Discover the three elements making up ICS:

  • Component packages -
    from single components to full coverage of the aircraft
  • Services –
    covering maintenance, management and logistics adjusted to your particular requirements
  • Pricing Structure –
    the optimal cost: benefit pricing structure for your needs

Explore how ICS work

Our customers have access to on-site stocks at their own home bases. Every component removed in unserviceable condition can be handed over to Tunisair Technics for entire repair cycle. So set you free four sourcing spare parts and coordinating component maintenance and logistics.
Dedicated customer care team

  • Your designated contract manager coordinates every function, ensuring the highest standards of care and giving you a single point of contact.
  • The engineering staff guarantee state-of-the-art technical standards for your components.
  • The purchase staff bundle will be at your desposal, passing on the benefits of economies of scale to you. If necessary, a warranty manager will act on your behalf.
  • The logistics staff ensure efficient processing of your components and related data management.


Your benefits

The optimal balance between costs, risks and cash
Optimise your business economics with Integrated Component Services Minimise costs

  • by using Tunisair Technics experience
  • by streamlining your organisation through outsourcing management and support functions
Reduce risks
  • by converting fixed costs (e.g. maintenance infrastructure or logistics) into variable, flight hour-related costs
  • through guaranteed service levels that assure component availability and maximum technical dispatch reliability
Generate cash and improve Return on Investment (ROI)
  • by removing slow-moving assets from the balance sheet to improve (ROI)
  • by exploiting volume-driven investment savings through inventory sharing


Component packages

Select the component package that offers the right solution for you Using a combination of well-established in-house core competencies and strategic partnerships, Tunisair Technics can provide solutions for the complete range of components.
Our services run from established standard component packages for aircraft and engine components, APU and wheels & brakes, to individually tailored sets of components. Contact



Our services cover the entire component supply chain
Whatever your outsourcing needs are, Tunisair Technics has solutions to cover every link in the component supply chain. The solutions can be split into three service elements:

Component Maintenance – from nose to tail
The best internal or external component maintenance source is evaluated for all your components, with the focus on optimised costs, high quality and short repair times.
Component Management – the integration function
All your components are traced and tracked. You benefit from a complete outsourcing solution for repair cycle administration and management, inventory management, component engineering and warranty management.
Component maintenance and management are regularly complemented with component logistics.
Component Logistics – putting the required components on site on time
It is crucial to have a well-established and seamless supply chain to guarantee that the parts you need are delivered to the right place at the right time. Logistics solutions can extend to total on-site warehousing. Whatever your outsourcing needs, Tunisair Technics has solutions for every level of integration. Let us help you find the correct solution to meet your organisational requirements along the entire value chain. Contact



Whatever the component type, we will find the commercial settlement options that provide you with the greatest benefits.
  • Hour/cycle rate
    to provide maximum flexibility for your total cost policy. This is "pay as you fly".
  • Fixed monthly fee
    to make planning and budgeting easier.
  • Event-based flat rate
  • to provide a reasonable balance between cost and risk. You pay a pre-defined fixed price per component shop visit.
  • Time & material
    to combine the highest transparency for single events with guaranteed turn-around times.