Integrated Engine Solutions (IES)


Achieve the longest possible airtime at the lowest possible cost

In today's volatile and dynamic business environment, airlines are under increasing pressure to reduce costs.

Every hour that your engines sits on the ground is an hour of lost income. And the longer they stay there, the more they cost. Our aim is to give you not only the longest possible on-wing time at the lowest possible cost, but also to support you throughout the engines’ life cycle.

Our Integrated Engine Solutions (IES) achieve this target by combining customer-friendly service with smart, integrated solutions designed to lower costs, generate cash and reduce risk.

How IES works

Through our Integrated Engine Solutions, we are

  • Integrating customers into the chain of activities and working to serve your needs
  • Offering seamless cooperation between airline operators, maintenance providers, engineering/planning, contractors and back-shops
  • Expanding the range of services into asset management and parts management, etc

Your benefits

Our Integrated Engines Solutions offering will let you benefit from

  • Integrated solutions for the entire engine life cycle
  • Operational experience for the management of diversified fleets
  • Customer support focused on your needs
  • Close relationships with manufacturers, vendors and airworthiness authorities
  • Excellent performance regarding turn-around time, on-time delivery and quality


Depending on your maintenance strategy, IES offers solutions to cover all your operational requirements for complete engine services such as:

  • Repair
  • Modification
  • SB Follow UP
  • Engine management (operational and fleet management services)
  • On-wing and off-wing assistance and reparis
  • Additional services (training, consulting, logistics)

Operational Services

To improve engine performance and availability Tunisair Technics provides preventive maintenance beyond flight line activities. Customised fleet and on-wing management optimises the time on wing and on-site repairs at the customers’ location avoid unnecessary engine transportation and shop maintenance.

On-wing and off-wing assistance and repairs:

  • Airfoil damage assessment (video borescope)
  • Borescope blending of damaged airfoils
  • Components (LRU) troubleshooting
  • Engine management (operational and fleet management services)
  • Further value added and tailored on-wing engine
  • repair solutions: see our Capability List

Engine trend monitoring:

  • Automatic data processing and visualisation (24-hour data access for customers)
  • Review and recommendation of corrective actions
  • Watch lists and trend reports

Engineering and Fleet Management Services

We monitor engine reliability and performance taking fleet usage plans and spare engine availability into account in order to plan and schedule engine removal and shop input. We provide the following services:

  • Trend analysis and recommendations
  • Engine removal planning / staggering
  • Customised work scopes
  • Reliability programme


Tunisair Technics offers spare engine total solutions to support engine overhaul businesses and customer fleets. This includes:

  • Short, medium and long-term leases
  • Spare engine support to cover shop visit turn-around time
  • Pool concepts with access to a pool of engines
  • Individual lease agreements to cover planned and unplanned removals
  • AOG support